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Somrod Creative at 2015 Westport Fine Arts Festival

This article originally appeared in the Fairfield & Westport Minuteman

For Mark and Sharon Sahm of Stamford, there’s a real joy in the creation of art. As displayed at the 2015 Westport Fine Arts Festival, the couple has created a rather unique design known as an Optograph, which combines various facets of art, photography, computer technology and handmade crafting.

The work itself results in three-dimensional pictures with an unusual quality combining modern art and more.

“It’s based on a photograph, designed on a computer, die-cut on a machine,” Mark Sahm said, and then assembled by hand using a special adhesive that is custom-made by the Sahms themselves. “We’ve been doing this for four years now,” he said, noting that this is the second year they’ve been showing at the Westport Fine Arts Festival, sponsored by the Westport Downtown Meerchants Association.

The Sahms’ story — and their die-cut paper art through their business Somrod Creative — is one of many that comprise the large assembly of artists of all kinds. Painters, sculptures, sketch artists, etchings, designers and jewelry makers of all kinds and creation come from all around the region to take part in the two-day event, which enjoyed its 42nd year last weekend.

“It’s actually a really nice festival, very well done,” said Sharon Sahm. “We only do about five shows a year, but this one is special.”

“It’s a great area,” Mark said, “…There are a lot of art associations with it, and they get a lot of good foot traffic as well.”

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When he’s not making art, Mark Sahm works in graphic design (aka Somrod’s corporate sponsor). In addition, he’s done his best to be a creative renaissance man— dabbling in all kinds of print and digital design, writing the 2005 sci-fi novel The Art of Getting Bent, and even making low-fi electronic music many moons ago. Sahm grew up in Southern NJ before migrating north, where he ended up in the NYC area, and was lucky enough to cross path with a woman who laughs at his jokes (see below). Now residing in CT, Sahm has a studio full of toys to help him fill the world with innovative designs.