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Shopkins Cupcake Queen Cookie DIY

I was asked to bake a Shopkins cookie for my niece’s 5th birthday… from scratch. All I could think was: this is going to be a challenge.

Since I was a kid, baking has been a hobby and passion of mine, even if it’s one I don’t do nearly enough. But if there is a recipe for it, then I can probably make it. On my summer vacations, I would spend my time watching Great Chefs on PBS. My favorite part of the show was the ending segment when the pastry chef would go through some delicious looking dessert. It taught me so much and I owe part of my baking education to that show.  However, cookie decorating is outside of my traditional baking knowledge and if I  was going to make a Shopkins Cupcake Queen Cookie, I needed to refresh my memory.

What are Shopkins anyway?  They are little characters in the shape of different food and grocery store items.  I ended up choosing the Cupcake Queen for my cookie, and I found two excellent DIY videos on YouTube here and here. I watched both and made my supplies list and a plan to combine both techniques. I’m not a professional and I’d guess most people making these are not, so don’t get discouraged if your cookies aren’t flawless. Take your time and make them fun!

These are the supplies I used to make the Shopkins Cupcake Queen Cookie (linked for your convenience):

Be prepared: It took me two days to make these cookies. The cookie needs to be completely cooled off before you start icing them so it doesn’t melt. Also keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours for your icing to dry. I baked the cookies the day before I decorated them. You can use your favorite shortbread cookie recipe and the cupcake cookie cutter.  The first video assumes you have some piping skills to freehand the shapes.  The second video used a template/stencil like this one that has a stencil for the character (Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to order one).

My plan was to follow the video and use the edible markers to trace the character onto the cookie and then pipe the features in their proper places.  Well, that didn’t work out so well. I was able to scribe the image onto the cookie using the etching tool and my paper template.  Once I etched the cookie it was easy to follow the lines for placement of the eyes, icing and crown.

Anyway, this is my finished Shopkins Cupcake Queen Cookie (click to enlarge):Shopkins Cupcake Queen Cookie

As you can see, I didn’t use black icing around the eyes. This is where the food coloring markers came in handy. I was able to color in the black outline of the eyes and the pupils.  They also worked with drawing in the mouth and eyebrows. I will definitely be using those again.

Overall, I am very proud of these little cupcake shaped cookies. It was a good first effort.  The kids and parents at the party loved them. They are super cute! With a little practice and persistence, anyone can make a Shopkins Cupcake Queen Cookie.

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