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As part of their goals when launching Somrod Creative, Mark and Sharon sought to explore the full spectrum of the arts, even when it was not within their comfort zone. Thus began their Projects. Their belief is that by trying new and different artforms, it will often lend you insights into your preferred art. For example, would a ballet dancer benefit from a study in architecture? Would an animator benefit from a study in music composition? Would a painter benefit from writing a novel? The answer, for Mark and Sharon, is definitely yes.

This page collects many of their Projects from over the years; whether they were one-offs, discontinued, experiments, or maybe even a draft that’s a launching pad to something bigger down the road. If you’d like to know more information about any of these, contact them today to discuss.


  • Somrod Pyramid Smiles Art Shapes Stamford

The Somrod Pyramid at ART SHAPES! Stamford

June 26th, 2017|1 Comment

In early 2017, we saw the notice for submissions for the ART SHAPES! Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit sponsored by Stamford Downtown. If you're not familiar [...]