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What are Optographs?

Optographs are artwork made of die-cut paper shapes, created by Somrod Creative. The name Optograph itself is a portmanteau of optical illusion and topography, based on how the topographic layers of paper work together to form a composite image. The original concept came from a painting Mark Sahm made in 1996, where he divided a photograph into 5 color zones. Despite not liking the results in flat acrylic, the concept stuck with him. In 2009, Sahm recalled the painting and thought about trying it as a series of overlaying die-cut shapes. Evolving the concept to have a raised element like a 3D topographic map, the Optograph style was launched from there.

Click the images below to see examples of past Optographs, see which ones are for sale, or learn about getting a custom Optopgraph based on your photo or logo. Somrod Creative is able to take virtually any image and transform it into visually stunning art. Contact them today for a free consultation.