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About Us

Somrod Creative is the husband-wife team of Mark Sahm and Sharon Rodriguez. This website celebrates their shared love of art and design, and the resulting endeavors, all of which can be bought or recreated in their store. The word “Somrod” (if you hadn’t already guessed) is a portmanteau of their last names.

When he’s not making art, Mark Sahm works in graphic design (aka Somrod’s corporate sponsor). In addition, he’s done his best to be a creative renaissance man— dabbling in all kinds of print and digital design, writing the 2005 sci-fi novel The Art of Getting Bent, and even making low-fi electronic music many moons ago. Sahm grew up in Southern NJ before migrating north, where he ended up in the NYC area, and was lucky enough to cross path with a woman who laughs at his jokes (see below). Now residing in CT, Sahm has a studio full of toys to help him fill the world with innovative designs.

Sharon Rodriguez, also known as Ms. S.Rod, was born on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, and has gravitated around the island ever since. Despite keeping many creative hobbies growing up, Rodriguez never focused on one, until she met Sahm and he encouraged her to try and take her talent with design further. Since she found Sahm’s humor entertaining, she decided to keep him around and take his advice. With her passion in jewelry, crafts and interior design, Ms. S.Rod hopes to make the world a better place one copper necklace at a time.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of their work, or any other inquiry, you can contact them here.

Villa and Eames


The Somrod studio would not be complete without its two feline guardians, Villa and Eames. These half-sibling Russian Blue cats grace Mark and Sharon with their presence, and will gladly meow for treats. If you’re wondering how involved Villa and Eames are in the business, look no further than the Somrod logo. Villa and Eames can be found either sleeping or lounging on their Instagram account @villa_and_eames.