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Somrod Creative on Stamford Downtown’s Meet the Artist

As part of Stamford Downtown’s promotion for ART SHAPES! Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit, Mark and Sharon participated in an interview series called Meet The Artist, talking about their sculpture (chronicled here) and their inspirations.

This was recorded on a rainy day back in mid-May (hence the sweaters) in the public studio where all of the artists painted the various shapes that were supplied by Icon Poly. The interview was done in a single 10 minute take and then edited down by the Downtown team, which is why it seems like Mark hogged all of the answers! It was also because they only had one microphone and it didn’t pick up Sharon very well, which was unfortunate. The drawbacks of just one take! All in all, Mark and Sharon were very happy to be a part of ART SHAPES! and hope to work on future Stamford sculptures.

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About the Author:

When he’s not making art, Mark Sahm works in graphic design (aka Somrod’s corporate sponsor). In addition, he’s done his best to be a creative renaissance man— dabbling in all kinds of print and digital design, writing the 2005 sci-fi novel The Art of Getting Bent, and even making low-fi electronic music many moons ago. Sahm grew up in Southern NJ before migrating north, where he ended up in the NYC area, and was lucky enough to cross path with a woman who laughs at his jokes (see below). Now residing in CT, Sahm has a studio full of toys to help him fill the world with innovative designs.