Somrod Creative @ Arts & Crafts on Bedford

Looking for a good time this weekend?  Take a  ride up to Stamford, CT for Arts & Crafts on Bedford. There will be over 100 arts & crafts by day and music in the evening.

This is the first show we began showcasing Somrod Creative and our die-cut paper art and 2013 marks our second year of  participating in this great outdoor event. If you caught us there last year, we will be in the same location at Booth #78, the hours are:

Saturday, September 21st – 10am – 8pm
Sunday, September 22nd – 10am – 5pm

This year has been a great experience for us and we thank all of you out there who’ve supported and purchased our art! We hope to see you all this weekend.
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Somrod Creative @ the Westport Fine Arts Festival

Despite the sweltering heat on Saturday, the Somrod Creative duo exhibited this past weekend at the Westport Fine Arts Festival in Westport, CT..  We were so pleased to be showcasing our current collection of Optographs along side so many fine artisans.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us and support us.   We met so many great people this weekend and we hope to meet more of you at our next event at the SoNo Arts Celebration on August 3rd and 4th.

Thanks again.


Somrod Creative @ Hudson River Festival of the Arts

What are you doing this weekend?  Take a  ride up to Tarrytown, NY for the Hudson River Festival of the Arts. We’ll be there showcasing Somrod Creative and our die-cut paper art. We’re very excited to show our current collection of Optographs to the public.

The Hudson River Festival of the Arts takes place on Saturday, June 1st  from 10:00am to 6:00pm, and Sunday, June 2nd from 10am to 5pm. The festival will be held at Pierson Park 238 W. Main Street Tarrytown, NY 10591.

In addition to Somrod Creative, there will be artisans from throughout the Northeast displaying and selling their works.  Admission is free.

Hope to see you there!

Double Rainbow After Hurricane Sandy

After Hurricane Irene in 2011, we lost power and were bailing water from our sump pit to keep it from overflowing into the Somrod basement studio.

But in the Tuesday morning after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, we awoke to a double rainbow (around 8:45am) in Stamford, Connecticut. As you would guess, it echoed the fact that we didn’t lose power this time and there was not a drop of water in the underground studio.

We hope everyone else out there on the East Coast is okay, and that only property were damaged (since that can always be repaired). Cheers!

The Somrod Store is Now Live!

At long last, we finally can tell you something we’ve been dying to say for months…

Not only are all of our Optographs and jewelry for sale, but here is where you go to make a seamless and secure purchase online:

We’re very excited to get our creative work out to the public, but we’re also presenting our new Custom Optograph option. We can take your 2D photo, and transform it into a personalized and completely unique piece of 3D art.

And this is just the beginning for Somrod Creative. We’re working on a new batch of Optographs that should be live in the first week of November. This will include smaller works (than our standard 12×12″ size) that will make great holiday gifts for someone who needs something cool on their wall (or a hand crafted piece of jewelry too!)

If you like our work, we could really use your help to spread the word. Here’s how:

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Thanks for visiting. Bookmark us to see as our site grows. Cheers!
All the best, Mark & Sharon (aka Somrod)

Somrod Post-Show Summary for Arts & Crafts On Bedford 2012

What an exciting weekend we had at the Arts & Crafts On Bedford fair in Stamford, CT while manning our first booth ever. It was a real pleasure being able to see all of the Optographs we’ve made over the last 18 months on display to the public for the first time. In fact, we’d never seen everything hanging up at the same time!

Whether you’re a rookie or not, you know the weather makes or breaks any outdoor fair. But we were fortunate to be granted great temperatures and only some late Saturday night rain that had dried up by the time the show started on Sunday.

More importantly, the fair allowed us to talk with a lot of people about how our Optographs are truly 100% customizable. It’s really cool to hear about all of the different things that people would like to transform into topographic art. I hope we get the chance to work on quite a few, as we’re always looking for new source material to continue pushing our medium. If you were one of those interested in a custom Optograph, just email the image to sales at that you were looking to use as well as any other requests, and we can provide you a rendering of how your Optograph would look.

Anyway, a big thank you to all of the people who visited our booth and gave us positive feedback. We look forward to the opportunity to return to Arts & Crafts On Bedford next year. Cheers!

– – – – –

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Somrod Creative @ Arts & Crafts On Bedford 2012

Looking for something interesting to do on September 22 or 23? Take a trip to Stamford, CT for the 8th annual Arts & Crafts on Bedford 2012, where Somrod Creative and our die-cut paper art will making our craft show debut. We’re very excited to be part of this event, and even more excited to show our current collection of Optographs to the public.

Arts & Crafts on Bedford 2012 takes place on Saturday, September 22 from 12pm to 8:30pm, and Sunday, September 23 from 11am to 5pm. The fair runs along Bedford Street, in downtown Stamford.

In addition to Somrod Creative, over 100 juried artisans from throughout the Northeast will display and sell their works including fine art, photography, jewelry, pottery, candles, home decor and more. Admission is free, and all of the local restaurants surrounding the fair will have extended sidewalk cafes.

Somrod Creative will be located in Booth #78, so be sure to look for us if you can make the trip. Hope to see you there!

Einstein Optograph

Some artists take their art very seriously and leave all shreds of humor out at any cost. For me, I like to mix some humor in when I can, especially when you consider the subject matter of my latest die-cut paper art. Albert Einstein did groundbreaking work in the field of physics, and yet one of his best known portraits was one of him sticking his tongue out. This type of dichotomy definitely appeals to me, and that’s why I chose to abstract it. Thanks for viewing. Cheers.

Advanced Physics by Mark Sahm, 12 x 12″, archival paper. Click preview image for additional detail shots.

Hitchcock Optograph

While Salvador Dalí had won the Facebook poll last month of who I should make a topographic art of next, the runner up was famed film director Alfred Hitchcock. As I’m constantly trying to evolve this process of converting photos into layers of die-cut paper, this render fell somewhere between Dali and Satchelmouth in terms of complexity. I also played around with using more of the metallic papers. Thanks for viewing. Cheers.

Paper MacGuffin by Mark Sahm, 12 x 12″, archival paper. Click preview image for additional detail shots.


Salvador Dalí Optograph

After a quick poll on Facebook of who I should make a topographic art of next, the winner was surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. With this piece, I rendered the shadow areas of the image as the top layer and the highlight at the bottom layer. This made the image slightly more abstracted when viewing close-up, but had the real payoff from about 12 feet away. I also went a little smoother on the details of the shapes than usual, which helped with the close-up abstraction (and my sanity!). Overall, a fun piece. Thanks for viewing. Cheers.

The Persistence of Mustaches by Mark Sahm, 12 x 12″, archival paper. Click preview image for additional detail shots.

Louis Armstrong Optograph

This latest conversion of photos to topographic maps has a roundabout quality. Last summer, we went to New Orleans and visited Mardi Gras World, where most of the parade floats are made. We took lots of photos there, and one photo of a cartoon caricature head of Louis Armstrong had great chiaroscuro… which of course, works great for the topographic effect. While this isn’t a tribute in any way, it shows inspiration can come from all sources. I loved the expression of the caricature and it made for an enjoyable piece of art. Thanks for viewing. Cheers.

Mister Satchelmouth by Mark Sahm, 12 x 12″, archival paper. Click preview image for additional detail shots.


Time Lapse – "Russian Blue" Art

We decided to do a time lapse as we put together “Russian Blue”. This artwork is based on a photograph of our cat Hudson who recently passed away.

Find stills of the artwork in our previous post titled Russian Blue.

Russian Blue Optograph

Our second transformation of a photo into a topographic paper image comes with a heavy heart. Hudson the cat, the source matter of the piece, passed away this past week from complications of feline heart disease. This was a huge blow to the Somrod studio as Hudson was an important part of our lives. She will be greatly missed, but we hope this artistic tribute can help her stay just a little closer to our hearts. Thanks for viewing.

Russian Blue by Mark Sahm, 12 x 12″, archival paper. Click preview image for additional detail shots.


Self Portrait Optograph

The concept: transform a digital photo of myself into a topographic map but still be able to see the photo when looking straight on.

The result: Paper Champion (Self Portrait I) by Mark Sahm, 12 x 12″, archival paper. Click preview image for additional detail shots. Thanks for viewing!


“3-Guchi” Table I

Sharon and I didn’t have enough room in our living room to fit the full size glass top to go with the wood base of a Isamu Noguchi Table. So we decided to make our own custom one, just slightly smaller. We started by purchasing a reclaimed piece of 3form Varia Ecoresin, then drew the shape against the base, cut it with a jigsaw, and finally sanded & polished the edges.

The result: our new “3-Guchi” Table. Since it was a lot of fun to bring together, I’m labeling it as #1 since I expect that we will be making more. Cheers.


Mark featured on Herman Miller’s Lifework

We have some news this morning that we’re very humbled and honored to report. Totally fantastic news that is! Mark has been featured on Herman Miller’s blog, Lifework.

Check it out here:

If by chance you’re not familiar with them (but you should be!), Herman Miller is a legendary furniture design company (learn more here). We couldn’t be more thrilled to see Mark, his paintings, and part of the Somrod studio featured here. Feel free to take some of the positive energy for yourself! Cheers.

Somrod Web Facelift

Most likely if you’re reading this, you’ve already noticed something different around these parts. has been given a design facelift, most specificially the homepage. We’ve also updated other elements around the site, and added a new series of paintings inspired by classic design. Please take a look if you haven’t already. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.

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